Refund Information

Return Policy
Please choose carefully as you’re not entitled to a refund if you change your mind or make a wrong choice. You are entitled to a refund 
if the goods you buy are; defective (not caused by you), don't match the description or sample we provided. If this is the case, we are 
be happy to exchange, credit or repair the goods. This refund policy applies if the goods are returned within a one month period and 
you are able to provide a store receipt. The AFC Management reserve the right to refuse a refund in accordance with this policy. 
The Australian Retailers' Association endorses this refund policy.
Exchange Policy
We except exchange of items and store credits only if you can provide us with a store reciept and it is with in 14days of 
purchasing the products. If you wish for this to be extended, please contact CROWmania on 08 8440 6600.

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